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Steven Rosati


Award winning portrait artist Steven Rosati is nationally recognized for his style and technique that comes down to him from old European masters. He studied art in schools both publicly and privately in Montreal and Toronto. However, he considers his real education to have taken place with endless hours in art museums around the world, where he studied first hand the work of portrait painters from the fifteenth century to the twentieth centuries. Among the many masters whose work continues to inspire him are DaVinci, Van der Weyden, Holbien, Bronzino, Ingres, Bouguereau, Annigoni, Meredith Frampton and many contemporary portrait artists.

“When I’m painting a portrait, I’m not only trying to get a likeness, which is important to me, but what is most important and challenging is trying to get their personality to somehow come through to the viewer. It’s not easy to do, but if I can somehow find an emotion or an expression unique to the sitter, or a background relating to the sitter’s life, then I’ll have hopefully added an extra interesting dimension to the portrait.”

“The most rewarding thing about painting portraits is getting to know some of the most fascinating people. Everyone has a story to tell in every walk of life, and it’s a privilege to hear them share their experiences. Portraiture allows me to enter their world for a while and then exit with a new friendship, and hopefully a successful painting.”

 His commissioned portraits include Ludmilla Chiriaeff, founder of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, the Rt. Rev 'd Andrew Hutchison, Anglican Archbishop of Montreal, several McGill University professors, sports personalities, musicians and business people. His portraits are in many private and corporate collections.

Rosati is a member of the Portrait Society Of Canada and America.
A 2011 finalist in the Kingston Prize.
A finalist in the 2010-11 Art Renewal International Salon figurative category.
Third- place honorable mention in the 2011 Members Only competition for the Portrait Society of America.
Winner of Professional Artist Magazine Cover Contest May 2012.
In addition, Rosati is an Art Ambassador for Canson and Royal Talens.
He lives in Montreal with his wife and their two sons.

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